Inspired by: Dawn Wyatt

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  • Create a space in which organic and/or inorganic shapes flow and weave;
  • Create depth within the picture plane;
  • Create depth and dimension in the individual shapes (in other words, your shapes should appear 3-D);
  • You may create "ribbon" forms or "tubular" forms or a combination;
  • You should touch at least three edges of your board and you may choose to have areas of negative space, but it must be marked with texture, not solid black.

Suggested Steps:

Establish your basic shape using a pencil.
Work with stronger contrast along the edges of background shapes, making sure your lines keep curing in the direction you want the forms to go. Leave some spaces lighter, so that part of the form pops up toward the viewer.
Push the contrast at shape edges of shapes and where they weave under other shapes.
Add contour or cross contour lines and erase all pencil (sketch lines)

Work towards:

Smooth and flowing line quality
Value transitions and Contrast
The creation of new shapes and shape edges
A sense of space; overlapping shapes