Analyzing Travel Brochures

Working with a partner, look carefully at the brochure and answer the following questions, using complete sentences. Please print a hard copy and attach to your brochure.

Post the answers on the Ning.

  1. What destination is your brochure advertising?
  2. Who is the target audience?
  3. What is the first feature about the brochure that you notice? Is the destination clearly visible?

  4. What is the layout of the brochure? Is it easy to follow or confusing? Please explain.

  5. How does the brochure enhance the destination - what makes you want to travel here?

  6. List five different kinds of information you find in your brochure.

  7. Is there any information you think is missing on the brochure that you would want/need to make travel plans? List that Information.

  8. Give one way that you would improve this travel brochure to make it more informative or helpful to a traveler.

  9. Would this brochure be an effective tool for a travel agent to use with a client? Why or why not?