Color, Depth, Value, Movement: Color Pencil Shells

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Exemplar - Exceeds the Standard

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To create a shell drawing that demonstrates your understanding of color, depth & volume, value, use of color pencils, and use of strong composition.

  1. Choose 1 - 3 shells from which to draw.

  2. Draw the shell on tag board, from at least two different perspectives.

  3. Cut the shell out of tag board.

  4. Make 4 thumbnail sketches, touching at least three edges of your mat board. Your shells create the composition (in other words, draw large).

  5. Do this by placing your stencil on different parts of a piece of white drawing paper.

  6. Choose the composition that is the strongest and draw lightly onto mat board.

  7. Choose either an analogous or split complementary color scheme to work with.

  8. Remember to think about the kinds of lines you make; work from light to dark.

  9. Consider the background...color, line, texture; keep the background non-objective.

  10. Be sure your final composition demonstrates your understanding of value, depth, and color scheme.