Choose a tool for your E-portfolio


This semester you will be maintaining an e-portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of graphic design. You may use any web-based tool with which you are comfortable. You will be sharing this on-line tool with a global audience. You are establishing an "On-line Presence". Some possibilities are: Blogs, Wikis, iweb, Dreamweaver, Creative Suites.

Before you begin, please visit to view an example of "On-line Presence".

Upon choosing your tool, please send me the link to your E-Portfolio.

Some of the criteria you will need to include the following (more will be added as the semester progresses):

  • A title for your E-Portfolio - this should include your first name, last initial and Design 09, tag line is optional.
  • "About" link
  • Portfolio
  • Resource – subscribe to and two other graphic design, on-line journals – they must be reputable sources
  • Advice to Future High School Art/Design Students