Black and White Portfolio

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l to r: Margot H., Ashton D., Molly C., Sam K

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Our next major unit of study will focus on drawings rendered in black and white and done from observation. You are asked to do a minimum of three completed drawings for your portfolio.

While drawings will be done from observation, expressive interpretation is encouraged. The hope and intent with this unit is to expose you to a variety of drawing situations, both in subject matter and media. By giving you choices as to which drawings and media you decide to undertake, the aim is to challenge, but not overwhelm. All drawings should possess considered compositions and they should all be rendered in full value. You should put a light on your subject and in most cases cast shadows should be observed and included in your drawings. There are no size specifications but drawings should be done on paper in the 12” x 18” range. Please consider paper format when thinking about composition. Please protect all drawings with newsprint and keep in a safe spot.

The portfolio will be collected as a complete unit which should include the following: three or more completed drawings, a self-evaluation, any sketches or plans which relate to the work in the portfolio, and any other work which demonstrates your overall effort for the unit. Please choose your three (or more!) drawing challenges from the choices below.

Subject Matter / Medium / Technique

Pipe Fittings

• B/W charcoal pencil on brown paper or
• Graphite pencil on white paper or
• Black uniball pen on white tagboard

Onions / Garlic on white or All White Still Life

• White charcoal pencil on black paper or

• B/W on gray paper or
• Charcoal powder—your finger as tool or
• Black uniball pen on white tagboard

Clear Ball Jar or any glass jar combination

• White charcoal pencil on black paper

Bone / Skull study

• White charcoal pencil on black paper or
• B/W charcoal pencil on gray paper or
• Graphite pencil on white paper or


• B/W charcoal pencil on colored charcoal paper
• Vine charcoal on charcoal paper
• Charcoal or graphite powder on charcoal paper
• Ebony pencil on white drawing paper
• Black pen on white tagboard

Your proposal:

Please use appropriate paper!!!! Do not let poor media choices affect your drawing!