Art Fundamentals Spring 2009

Student Gallery

Course Syllabus


In-Class Assignments

Landscape Painting Rubric

Landscape Painting

Painted Color Wheel, Tints, Shades, & Neutralizing

Color Vocabulary Exercise

Subject Matter for Landscape Painting

Final Still-life Drawing Self-Assessment

Final Still-life Drawing Rubric

Drawing Portfolio

Intro to the Masters
Value Portrait Rubric and AssessmentValue PortraitsNegative Space Rubric
Due: Wed, 3/11 (5W); Thurs, 3/12 (5B)
Seeing and Drawing Negative Space

= =
Due: Monday, 2/23 - Positive/Negative Reflection
Mark Wethli Collaborative Exercise Styrofoam Cup Challenge3 Dimensional Positive/Negative Designs
Due Wednesday: 2/4Rubric & Self-Assessment for Positive/Negative Design
Positive/Negative Space & Composition: A Design Challenge

Review for Final Exam

Sketchbook Assignments

Closer Look at Landscapes Paintings
Due: Fri. 5/22 (5W) & Thurs. 5/28 (5B)

Landscape Strategies
Due: Mon. 5/18 (5W) Tues. 5/19 (5B)

Color Wheel Collage
Due Mon. 5/11 (5W); Tues. 5/12 (5B)

Famous Artists Drawings

Due Mon. 5/4 (5W) & Tues. 5/5 (5B)

Cylinder Drawing
Due Tues, 4/14 (5W); Mon, 4/13 (5B)
Foot Contour Drawing
Due: Mon, 4/6 (5W); Tues, 4/7 (5B)
Still-life: Measuring & Proportion
Due: Fri, 3/27(5W) & Mon. 3/30 (5B)
Famous Artist Drawing
Due Thurs, 3/19 (5W); Tues, 3/24 (5B)

Line, Texture, Value Worksheet
Due Friday, 3/13 (5W); Mon, 3/16 (5B)
Value and Form
Due Mon, 3/9 (5W); Tues, 3/10 (5B)
Negative Space Exercises
Due Thurs, 2/26 (5B); Fri, 2/27 (5W)
Be My Valentine!
Due Wed, 2/11 (5W); Thurs, 2/12 (5B)

Figure/Ground Exercise
Due: Friday, 2/6 P5B Thursday, 2/5 P5W